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February 2008

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announcerguy in dbrp


01. No godmoding. No one is all-powerful and no one likes someone else controlling the actions of their character.

02. Keep IC fights IC and OOC fights to a minimum. If you have a problem with another player, let a mod know and we will attempt to solve the dispute diplomatically.

03. If you can't play a character, don't apply. We prefer that you stay IC. Occasional OOC moments are okay as long as they don't get excessive.

04. Considering the ages of most of the characters, smut is allowed (I don't want to see underaged stuff, though), but make sure to warn readers. Not everyone likes it.

05. Considering the nature of death in the DBZ world, canon deaths may be ignored, but you better have a good reason for Goku reviving Cell or something similar.

06. AIM is our primary means of communication outside of LiveJournal. If you don't have AIM, I would suggest that you get one for your character. It's just easier and quicker than posting to LJ sometimes.

07. The ability to add tags has been opened up to all members, so please tag all entries to the community correctly. If you are posting a finished scene, mark it as "rp log." Unfinished logs that you will be finished on the community should be marked "rp log" and "rp thread." If you are starting a new scene, "rp thread." Also, tag each entry with your character's name and all other characters in the log or thread.
Anything OOC, for now, should be tagged as "ooc." We may or may not have an OOC community. It really just depends on how active we get.

08. The preferred format for RP logs and threads is this:
[RP log/thread][insert creative and/or descriptive name here][Open to: characters involved]
Please use this method when posting. If you do not describe the place and time the scene occurs in the text of the log, be sure to add that information at the beginning of the entry. This is to try to keep characters from being in two places at once.

09. I would like at least one post a week. This can be one post to the character journal or a comment to another, including RP threads. If you have to be away for an extended period of time, please post to the community so that everyone will know what's going on. Remember to tag the entry with your character's name(s) and "ooc."

10. Enjoy!