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A Dragonball Z RPG

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The universe has finally been saved from the threat of Majin Buu, who has been reduced to a ball of pink sugary goodness. In the few months following the defeat of Buu and the restoration of those lives that were lost, the Earth returned to normal, basking in the peace that emerged. Goku and the others used the dragonballs to wish for the memories of Buu that the humans had to be erased, and things have been normal ever since.

Welcome to dbrp! We are a Dragonball Z RPG set just after the Buu saga. It has only been a week or so since human memories of the monster were erased, and Earth finally has its peace. Life has resumed for our heroes, and that's where we start. What happened in the years following the epic battle? Where was Goku every time everyone got together? What made Goten rather have a date than participate in the tournament?

That's for us to decide!


AIM: Antiform Sora
character: Gohan