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February 2008

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gr8saiyaman in dbrp

[RP Thread]Study Date[Open to Gohan and Videl]

After having to carry the oddest things while flying, books were no problem for Gohan. That is, until his mother got him flustered. He completely lost his hold on the small stack of books he was loading into his messenger bag when Chichi suggested that if he didn't hurry, he was going to be late for his date. "WE'RE JUST STUDYING. THAT'S IT, REALLY!" His face was beet red as he race out the door, stuffing the last book inside the bag.

He arrived at the library with seconds to spare, quickly making his way over to the table where Videl was and qickly sat down, careful not to cause a minor earthquake.

Did Gohan even really need to study? He was a certified genius. Apparently Chichi had taught him these things when he was five. This was probably just an excuse to see her without it looking like--gasp--a date because he got so embarrassed when his friends and family teased him. His social skills were nil and his skill with girls was nonexistent. Fighting, studying, and eating were his pastimes but he was trying his best.

There was really no denying how they felt about each other, especially after the whole Buu incident, but she was okay with keeping it low key. For now. It was fun to scare her father with him, though. It was revenge for letting that pink blob live in her house. Good, bad, whatever, that thing had eaten her once.

"You're late," she said with a grin, "are you ever on time for anything?"

"Uh, sorry," he replied, scratching the back of his head out of habit. "You know how it is..." He was sure she knew exactly how it was. You try to leave the house and his mother finds something to nitpick about. She even insisted that he change into a suit, but Gohan had somehow resisted, insisting for the hundreth time that he didn't need to dress up if it wasn't a date.

He finally set to getting out his books, the entire stack of them, and set them down in one movement. The stack was huge, but so was their courseload. Nevermind the fact that he'd already been forced to complete all of the homework that would probably be assigned the entire year.

Her eyes widened at all the books he had. Gohan was always prepared but this was utterly ridiculous. She liked to think of herself as intelligent but how was she supposed to keep up with this?? "Gohan, we're studying for one test! This is overkill, don’t you think?" Chichi had probably put him up to this. She liked the woman, loved her like her own parent but she was… pushy. And Gohan was a Son man, which meant he was weak to pushy women.

That had worked in Videl's favor but sometimes she wished Gohan could stand up to Chichi just a little more.

She preferred to go and fight crime rather than study but she had to graduate. How would it look if Mr. Satan's daughter, child of the man who saved the world from Cell and whatever other baddies, was a drop out?

"You think?" Aww man, I told Mom this was too much! He sighed, gathering all but one of the heavy books and dumping them back in his bag. It was a good thing Bulma had made this bag. The reinforced material seemed to stand up to anything, including clumsy Saiyans and Chichi's high demands, as she'd put it.

Now all that was left on the table was the required text for the class. "Right, that's better," he said nervously.


"You can fight crime and save the world but you can't stand up to your mother," she said amusedly, shaking her head. Chichi had more power than all of the Saiyajins put together. They should have let her face down Cell and Buu. That would have saved the world in less than five minutes.

Videl opened her own book, wondering when something interesting would happen. Peace was good and well but if there was no crime, no bad guys to hunt down, what purpose did her life have?
"It's not that easy!" he whispered, feeling the eyes of everyone on them. He only then realized that they were making a lot of noise. He could hear whispers from other students. 'Isn't that Mr. Satan's daughter?' and the like.

Gohan opened his book as well. What was their test on again? He'd read the book once before and honestly hadn't been paying much attention in the last class. I need to stop letting my mind wander at school.