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February 2008

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elite_saiyan in dbrp

[ RP Thread ] [ Open to Everyone ] CC BBQ

For the life of him, Vegeta could not understand the concept of social gathering. For one thing, it was an entire waste of time. For another, he had no real desire to see any of Bulma's friends unless they were on a receiving end of his fist, where he liked Kakkarot, especially, the best. The constant chatter was insufferable, the music was idiotic, and the last time he attempted to entertain himself at one of these, Bulma screamed her fat head off for an hour about how he couldn't just go using people as target practice in refining the Big Bang, ESPECIALLY YAMCHA.

(That, in Vegeta's opinion, was the best barbecue EVER.)

In addition, while Bulma ran around like an extremely ugly chicken with her head cut off preparing for such a thing, she forgot all about his very existence. The father of her child. Were the uniformed men waiting on him hand and foot? NO. Were the multitudes of trays being brought in by caterers for him? NO. And the woman had to gall to tell him that if he were to touch the food before the guests arrived, he would be In Big Trouble.

He'd only scoffed, sneered, and walked away, but really, the situation was beginning to annoy him. Why should he be forced to cater to these guests when he was truly the most important person in attendance? Why should he have to stay out of the way? Why couldn't he hang the waiter by his ankles; he deserved it, after all. Did Bulma really need to build an entire stage for karaoke? He had not encountered a more foolish human endeavor.

Amidst the chaos of set-up, Vegeta wandered toward the kitchen. If Bulma prevented him from taking food from his own house, there indeed would be Big Trouble. His lips turned upward at the thought. At least there would be some entertainment.


She chuckled to herself as he took to handling the cold cuts, did he want the thinly slice meat that much that he was willing to get yelled at for an hour just for a few slices? She didn't know much about 'human' emotions her mind still forced her to think like an android more often then a human, but she knew Vegeta was doing something that would his "woman" somewhat angry at him.

Her arms crossed as she watched him, "Is that hunger or spite?" She asked, it didn't take a genius or a mind reader to know that Vegeta hated these things - the BBQ that is. Unless he was using someone as target practice. Thankfully she'd been spared from that. It wouldn't have matter to her regardless, she knew how to move out the way.

She respected the Prince, she'd gained a little more respect for him after the entire Buu issue however. She knew how alike they were, she'd always wondered why her husband was a little worried around Vegeta even to this day. She had Vegeta's history on earth programmed into her so she was aware but she couldn't help but feel a little ashamed when Krillin cowards in fear of Vegeta.

The truth behind Krillin was simple, but if she ever vocalized it. It would reunion the story he told Yamcha and Goku over and over again.